So far, five administrative archives have been identified among the papyri coming from Magdola and kept in the Jouguet collection:

  1. P.Sorb. IV 147 and 148, two Demotic documents concerning the royal farmer Lobais son of Imouthês;

  2. P.Enteux. A and SB XII 10858, two Greek texts addressed to Hôros, kômarchês of the village of Lysimachis;

  3. SB X 10271 - 10273, three Greek papyri sent to the epistatês Thraseas (TM Arch 65);

  4. SB XII 10845-10848 and 10871, SB XX 14404 - 14405, seven papyri written in Greek, and P.Sorb. IV 154, the only Demotic piece of the archive of Nectenibis, kômarchês of Kaminoi (TM Arch 148);

  5. 97 petitions in Greek gathered in P.Enteux., formally addressed to the king, but arriving to the office of the strategos of the Arsinoites Diophanês (TM Arch 80).

The new papyrus fragments extracted during the dismantling of the badly preserved cartonnages in WP2 are around 60% in Greek and 40% in Demotic; only a couple of them show both languages, and always on the two different sides of the sheets. The vast majority of them are accounts, but other text types are attested, like the petition to an official (hypomnêma) Inv. Sorb. 2855a-e. It is possible that the latter pertains to the archive of the strategos Diophanês.