Three historical syntheses are planned for the project :

  • - one on the surety contracts from Ghoran (ed. M.-P. Chaufray / W. Clarysse)
  • - one on the land surveys from Magdola (ed. A. Monson)
  • - one on the tax registers from Magdola (ed. M.-P. Chaufray)

The surety contracts from Ghoran are contracts in which one individual gives surety to someone who is responsible for the levy of taxes on a service (e.g. beer, laundry, oil) in a village. The documents are written in Egyptian, and a Greek note on the verso summarizes the content for archiving. A small part of the corpus (64 documents) was published by Fr. de Cénival in 1973 who, however, did not publish the Greek notes of the versos. Today, the corpus amounts to more than 200 documents. New fragments have been joined to texts already published, and new texts have been discovered in the collection. Sixteen villages in the district of Themistos are concerned by those contracts between individuals and the Ptolemaic administration. These documents are essential to study social networks in villages and the use of demotic in the Ptolemaic administration